Sunday, December 23, 2012

Student Spotlight: Shauna Price

This edition of Student Spotlight is here by deemed the " The Christmas Student Spotlight:Shauna Price." I hope by this point everyone has all their Christmas shopping done and is snuggled up next to the fireplace cuddling with their loved ones with a mug of hot chocolate, waiting for ole Santa to come drop off some presents. While your waiting for Saint Nick check out Miss Shauna Price. Miss Shauna has been playing guitar for 2 years now. She is only 8 years old! She started taking lessons from me at age 6. She is a straight A, honor role student at Lake Forrest Elementary School. Shauna decided she wanted to play guitar, way back when, while visiting her aunt in Vermont. Her aunt was taking guitar lessons and Shauna went with her to one and watched her during a lesson. She wanted to play guitar at that moment. Some of Shauna's favorite bands are Fun, Panic at the Disco, Taylor Swift, Classic Addict and Pink. Even though Shauna is only 8 years old she has been to some concerts. She's seen Panic at the Disco, Fun and Classic Addict. If she could play guitar for any band in history it would be Panic at the Disco. The reason why? Shauna got to meet them. When Shauna was around 4 years old her mom sent a video of her singing Panic songs to Panic at the Disco. When Shauna met them a couple years later the band actually remembered her from the video!!!! She got to take pictures with them and hang out with them. That experience solidified her love of panic at the Disco forever. Shauna's favorite guitar is this blue acoustic she has that has a lot of her favorite bands autographs on it. The guitar has Panic at the Disco, Fun and Classic Addict autographs. I am sure she will have many more bands sign it through her life too! If she could play guitar anywhere in the world it would be France. She would love to play in France so that she could see the Eiffel Tower while there, plus she has always wanted to learn French too. Shauna comes from a pretty musical family. Of course she has the aunt that got her inspired to play, who's name is Betty. She has an uncle who plays, has a great uncle who plays a ton of things and has a studio and of course her GaGa plays the flute. Her mother's side is very musical. Shauna's favorite song to play is "Mine" by Taylor Swift. Shauna still sees herself playing guitar in the next 5 years and hopefully is a student at Davidson fine Arts. Shauna thinks that learning power chords is the thing that has most benefited her in her time in lessons with me so far. When Shauna grows up she wants to be a vet. i for one think she can do it with no problem. When Shauna came back from summer break this year she came back wit the fire. She has made huge improvements in her playing and has really stepped up her game. She has impressed me a ton. She is hungry for musical knowledge and has been practicing her butt off! I have enjoyed watching her get better every week. So here's to you Shauna........Keep Rockin.........Keep Playing.........and keep Having Fun!!!!!

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