Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black friday= Christmas Coming

I know its been a while since i have last posted. I have been busy hanging out with my little baby girl. Its hard not to want to spend every waking moment with her. With that being said, it is time for me to give you some cool gift ideas for your musician loved ones. Lets start with some stocking stuffers.

Some great stocking stuffers are strings. Every bass and guitar player needs strings constantly. Guitar slides rule. They are small and there are many kinds to choose from at Rock bottom. Guitar straps are great too. Straps now a days can have your favorite band on them, slogan and come in all different colors. Instrument cables are great too. They go bad often and you can never have enough. Picks are super cheap and every guitar player needs them on a regular basis. I can only dream of getting a stocking full on my gator grip picks. One cool thing i have seen in the store lately is the fender baseball. They are awesome looking. Get one while we got em. They aren't going to be available long. Things like this fit in a stocking very easy and are on the low end of price.

Some cool mid priced things are all over the place at Rock Bottom. We got some great acoustics starting around $120. There are some great bass, banjo, guitar and mandolin starter packs too. They come with everything a player needs to get started. They have the instrument, picks, amp, strap, tuner and picks all in one package. We also have some great practice amps too. The fender Mustang 1 is the new must have amp. It has all kinds of effects built in, hooks to your computer and even has a headphone amp to help out parents and neighbors when a player just wants to crank it up. We also have some great headphones available too. There are also lots of different kinds of pedals available too. from crunchy distortion to far out flangers we got them. Pedals are always a great gift idea for your player loved one.

We also have lots of gifts for that "big gift" you might want to get. We have a ton of great Fender, Gibson, Guild, EVH, Gretch and every other top brand name guitar available. Come on, who wouldn't want a USA Fender or USA Les Paul waiting for them under the ole tree on Christmas morning. The prices on these top name guitars and basses are too low for me to list. There are some awesome amps i need to mention too. We got some marshalls. There is a JCM 800 head I look at every day that i wish would end up under my tree. How about an Ampeg SVT  with an 8x10 cab? Your bass player would flip if they got it! Lots of top quality Pearl, etc drum sets too for the aspiring drummer are all over Rock Bottom. There is the EVH 5150 half stack that is calling out to be put under a tree. We also have the highly sought after 50 watt version of the 5150 too.

With all the choices there are for your musician for Christmas it will be easy for you to pick up that "must have" item for them. Stop on down to Rock bottom on Black Friday or any other day between now and the big day and get that Xmas shopping done! I am also offering a free lesson with every purchase of a guitar. happy Holidays and happy shopping!

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