What I Do and Who I am

I am going to give you a run down of who I am, what I do and everything you would want to know about me before getting lessons from me. I will start at the beggining.

I was born and raised in Cecil County Maryland. Liked in a suburb town of Fair Hill Maryland. I started playing guitar the summer before I started 9th grade at Rising Sun High. My father was a player and had always been on me since I was little to start playing. It wasn't until that fateful summer I started my musical journey. One day I was bored and asked my dad to show me something on guitar. That something was Black Sabbath's "Paranoid." From him showing me Paranoid I was able to figure out the whole rest of the Paranoid album on my own in a week. Within a couple weeks of playing I was able to hang playing rythym guitar for my dad playing AC/DC, Led Zep, Thin Lizzy and all kinds of stuff he was jammin on. By mid summer I was sitting in with his musician buddies bands. I met all the musicians that would end up being in my high school the next year by the end of summer. Once I got in high school I knew all the "cool older" kids from ending up jammin with them. During my high school years I played in various clubs and bars in the area, my two favorite being the now defunct Warehouse Pub out in North East md on rt. 40 and the East End Cafe in Newark Delaware. I remained in Maryland until 2001 when I moved to Aiken South Carolina for a change of scenery.

After moving to Aiken in Christmas 2001 I hooked up with The Vagabond Missionaries for a while. Then ended up in a band called Lythium for about a year. Played the CSRA and started to branch out into the south east areas. From there I ended up in a band called Knowface. We toured the south east, playing Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Along the way playing with bands like Taproot, Shinedown, Social Burn, Silvertide, Jackyl, Buck Cherry and loads of other national bands. We came close to making it but as with all bands is was not to be. I had a blast. Became a professional musician, sound tech, and work on the production end of music doing shows for a host of national acts like Afroman, Rehab, L.A. Guns, Adler's Appetite and many others. Over the years I have become good at playing bass, banjo, mandalin, harmonica, lap steel, dobro, singing, ukelele and all kinds of other little instruments. I teach these instruments to anyone with a desire to learn. I teach down at Rock Bottom Music in downtown Augusta Georgia. I first started teaching in Maryland as a teenager. By the time I was a senior in High School I had people wanting to pay me to learn how. I have worked really hard over the years to make my teaching program as good as can possibly be to give the student the most I can for the money. I have a very good success rate of children, adults, other musicians and other teachers that I teach. So hopefully I was able to answer any questions you had about me.