Student Spotlights

Here are the students I have selected for "Student Spotlight's" over the course of lessons.

March 2010- Emmanuel Bing

April 2010- Donald Davis

June 2010- Karissa Romer

July 2010- Alex Cooke

August 2010- Danielle Parker

September 2010- Blake Sloan

October 2010- Jeramie McCloud

January 2011- Chris Marks

Febuary 2011- Shane Waldun

April 2011- Oscar Ystenes

May 2011- Brian Yonn

July 2011- Zeb Shepard

September 2011- Grace Dickins

November 2011- Carter Kight

December 2011- Christina Naomi

January 2012- Taylor Temples

April 2012- Collin Costillo Student Spotlights are not always a monthly occurrence. They are a regular occurrence that happens when a student displays major improvement, good work ethic, regular attendence, positive attitude, great playing, huge love for music, completes all the work I give them or shows a huge amount of love for music. It's just a way for me to show apprciation to my students for being great students. Most of the time I have a number of students who can be selected for it, as a matter of fact all the time. I have the majority of my students doing very, very good. Thanks to all my students!