Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Rockstar: Brad Davis

This edition of "Dear Rockstar" is with multi instrumentalist/guitar player extraordinaire, Brad Davis. Brad has played with a ton of legendary artist such as,Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow,David Lee Roth, Pam Tillis,Marty Stuart and Johnny Cash to name just a short list. He is a grammy award winner. He is endorsed and endorses Takamine, Gretch and GenzBenz to name a short list as well. He has played the world, played on movie soundtracks, produces other top artists and does the occasional guitar clinic like the one he just did at Rock Bottom Music this week. To be honest I had never even heard of him until it was announced he was coming to Rock Bottom. I have heard of him now and a converted fan now. I got to pick his brain for a while before the clinic and he was a total professional and down to earth. Here is what we talked about.

John Berret: Brad, why did you want to even start playing guitar?

Brad Davis: I saw alot of people like John Denver, Eddie Van Halen and Earl Scruggs playing and I wanted to do what they were doing. It looked like a lot of fun.

JB: What players inspired you to play?

BD: Classical guitar/music was what I was into at first then it went to the Eagles then bluegrass. Players like Tony Rice and Doc Watson engulfed me for a while. Those guys were like lighter fluid that lit the fire for me. Playing bluegrass when I started out was awesome because just having an acoustic guitar and not needing any other equipment but the guitar made it easy for me to want to play at first.

JB: What is your dream guitar?

BD: I have it. It is a Takamine copy of my 1937 Martin. I have used this guitar when working with guys like Pearl Jam and the Black Keys. When recording with it it sounds so good all you need is two microphones, you don't even need the pick up.

JB: Of all the places you have played, what is your favorite place to play?

BD: I love playing coffee houses. I like them because they sound less "surgical". The crowd is really there because they want to hear you.

JB: What other instruments do you play?

BD: I also play mandolin, upright bass, electric bass, electric guitar and banjo.

JB: What advice do you have for new players?

BD: Work tons on your right hand. When you do that, practice with your left hand muted.

Brad Davis was more than gracious and a great interview. I was feeling sick and had a head ache when interviewing him and made me forget all about it. He is as enthused about guitar as someone first starting out is. He put on one of the best clinics I have ever attended. It was entertaining and very educational. I will be doing a re cap of the highlights on a separate blog post with videos and such. If you ever get a chance to see him play or do a clinic, do yourself a favor and do it. It will improve you as a musician. Go out and get some of his cd's or download his songs off of I Tunes. Here is a link to his website.

here is a link to his itunes

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