Saturday, January 1, 2011

Student Spotlight: Chris Marks

This edition of "Student Spotlight" is on 12 year old, 7th grader, Chris Marks. Chris attends school at Davidson Fine Arts Academy. Chris plays drums, guitar, bass and piano. He is well seasoned for a musician of all of 12 years old. He has been playing cello for many years. He got into music at around the ripe old age of 7 years. He wanted to play guitar at that age but to prove his interest in playing guitar his mom made him start on piano first. He did the piano for a couple years and his mom and dad got him a guitar along the way. He started teaching himself from various websites and youtube. A couple of years later he started getting his first guitar lessons. While he was taking guitar lessons, and cello at school, he also started taking drum lessons. From what i hear he can play drums good too. He says he has a "somewhat" musical family. He has a brother who is a very promising drummer ( who takes lessons at Rock Bottom) and a Grandfather who also played the cello. While his parents are not musicians themselves, they provide all the support and encouragement a kid could want in a parent. They also have a great taste in music, LOL! Chris's dream guitar would be a Gibson Les Paul Custom. If he could play anywhere it would be the world famous Staples Center, located in Los Angeles California. If he was in a band and could be the opening act for any band in history it would be Guns & Roses. He cites Guns and Roses and Led Zeppelin as his favorite bands. His favorite guitar player is Led Zeps Jimmy Page because he likes his style. If he could be one guitarist for aday it would be Eddie Van Halen. Who wouldn't want to play those songs with Van Halen????? Where does Chris see himself musically in the next five years? He sees himself preparing to go to a good music school to study the cello. He site his improvement in technique as one of the biggest and best things he has taken from my lessons so far. The silliest thing on his Ipod? Techno music, he says his brother loaded it on there. Chris Marks has the ability the become a professional musician and play at the national level in the coming years. I am very pleased with his work ethic. If he chooses that path he very well could become huge. He can play things you don't expect from a 12 year old. If he practices and puts the dedication of a champion in, he will become one. He, as well as all my students who choose this path, will get everything I can do to help them achieve that. Keep your eyes and ears ready to hear Chris as he evolves as a musician. Here is to you Chris......Keep Rockin.....Keep Playing......and Keep Having Fun!!!!

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