Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diatonic Major Scale Part 3: Connect The Dots La La La La

In this, the 3rd part of the series on the major diatonic scale, we are going to be connecting the patterns. By now you have built the scales, played them up on one string and then did the 7 three note per string patterns we had to death. Now we are going to connect the scales. What you are going to do is start on pattern 1. Start on the 1st fret (F Note) on the 6th, Low E, string and play through the pattern up to the last note on the High E string (the 7th fret, B note), slide up to the highest note of the next pattern on the high E string. Play this pattern backwards all the way down to the lowest note of the pattern on the Low E string (3rd fret, G note). Slide up to the lowest note of the next pattern(pattern 3) which is the 5th fret, A note. Play this pattern all the way up to the highest note of this pattern. You will repeat this process for every pattern. Going up one pattern, sliding up to the next highest note of the next pattern and playing it backwards. Doing this will get you knowing how all the patterns connect and how to weave in and out of each one. Once you get use to doing this all the way up all 7 patterns, start on pattern 7 and do the whole thing backwards. Become a master at this. Doing this needs to become 2nd nature. Become a Jedi young Skywalkers. Attached is a copy of the patterns. Follow the arrows that help illustrate what I explained for going from pattern 1 up to pattern 7. Have fun you will young Jedi you must. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

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