Saturday, August 21, 2010

Student Spotlight: Danielle Parker

This month's Student Spotlight is on Danielle Parker. She is 14 years old and attends Grovetown High School. She started taking guitar lessons from me February 20, 2010. She is a very quiet, shy young lady. She is extremely smart and is well mannered. She does very well in school and caught on to my teaching program quickly. She works very hard at the guitar. She wanted to start playing guitar because her mom likes guitar. It's very obvious that Danielle likes it as well. Her current favorite band is Paramore and she would love to see Taylor Swift in concert. If she could play in any band that's around today it would be Maroon 5. She hopes to be writing her own songs in the future. I believe she is well on her way to doing that. She has what it takes to be on her way to writing some great songs. She listens to and plays a wide range of music, from Poison to Taylor Swift to Paramore. She really enjoys music. That's what drives her to keep playing. If she could go back to any point in time and see any performer in history it would be Micheal Jackson. She says there are not too many musical people in her family except her brother who plays piano. That is nothing to deter her though, she is from the musical mecca city of New Orleans Louisiana. Growing up seeing the parades and bands there had a profound impact on her. There isn't a person alive who grew up in New Orleans and doesn't have some sort of music running through their veins. Seeing the drummers in New Orleans is what got her into music. In 5 years she sees herself a much better musician. She wants to be an optometrist and go to the University of Southern California for college. She is having a blast learning music at Rock Bottom Music. So here's to you Danielle.......keep rockin.......keep playing........and keep having fun!!!

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