Monday, May 31, 2010

check this out!!!!

One of my most promising young students, Alex Cooke, is also a visual artist. Check out this picture he drew of Paul McCartney. It is amazing. GOOD JOB ALEX!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Check This Out: Rock Band Camp

At Big City Music this summer we are doing a continuation of something we have been doing and turning it up a notch. The student concerts and lessons are being turned into "Rock Band Camp." It has been in the works for a while and you may have heard it on our commercial on 95 Rock. It is gonna start around mid June and will lat 2 weeks. Adam Tolar and myself will be instructing it. At the end we will have a concert. The classes are not only open to Big City Music students. It is open to students from other stores and people that have playing experience. The camp will include class instruction, seminars, practice time and all kinds of cool and informative education involving music. Its open to boys and girls, drummers and bas players, singers and guitar players, keyboard players and beyond. For more information call Big City at 1-706-364-3033 or just stop in. Big city in located at 3526 Wrightsboro Road Augusta Ga ( down by the mall,under the Bobby Jones underpass, on your left). Or contact me at, 706-627-1556 or here on the website. Classes will be 4 days a week.Come sign up and spread the word! Our Rock Band Camp will also be featured on NBC 26 news on the "Spotted With Jay Jefferies" segment in the next week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Product Review: VHT Classic 6"

Welcome to the latest installment of "Product Review." This one is gonna be on a guitar amp. The amp is the VHT Classic 6. Amps are important to guitar players. Tone freaks are always shopping to find the perfect amp with the perfect tone. Most of the times finding that amp will cost you a ton of money and almost always means your looking for a tube amp. The VHT Classic 6 is an all tube amp with 1 6v6 and 1 12ax7 in it. Its a one channel amp that is 6 watts(at 8 ohms). Don't let the 6 watts fool you. It is plenty powerful to play any club and powerful enough to keep up, even in metal music. Its just one channel with no eq, just a volume and tone knob. The volume and tone knob are all you really need with this amp.The combo comes with one 12 inch speaker and has a high input and a low input. The amp is very clean sounding.The tone knob dictates alot of your sound. With the tone knob all the way down and mid volume its got an old school jazz sound. Tone knob all the way up and mid volume gives you that country music chicken pickin sound, that tone setting and 3\4 volume gives you a creamy\ breaks up real bluesy sound that is awesome. the louder the volume the better it breaks up. Think "Red House" by Jimi Hendrix or early stones or zepplin.You run it clean and stick a good distortion pedal, like the Boss Hyper Metal, and it is very modern metal sounding. This amp is very versatile and sounds fantastic. I tested the amp with my "JOHN JOHN" model Berkshire and a Schector "Damien" guitar. I have played on the amp a good 4-5 hours to test it. I am going to end up getting one. The cost? It retails for $500 and is on sale at Big City Music right now for $299. Get down to the store and check one out as soon as you can. They are selling quick and I am gonna end up buying one, so get there while we got them. The price of this amp is astounding for the sound you get. It packs the punch and has the great tone of the WAY higher end $1000 and up VHT amps. VHT amps are known for sounding great and to get one at this price is a no brainer.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Learn From.....

This is called "Learn From." Basically its just about something that you can use to become a better musician. It can be anything....from a person, to a band, to an experience. The first one I am gonna do is musician magazines. There are alot of ones to choose from, Modern Drummer\Guitar World. They are great to learn from for a lot of reasons. The first one, and my personal fave, is the lessons. There are some real crappy ones, like the flavor of the week ones. Korn guitar players did one in guitar world years back and it was no good, but majority of them are informative. You also got product reviews. They are pretty honest too. You can also look at the little ads in the back classifieds and find a bunch of info on anything from new practice books to new start up company amps. If you need it they also have decent tabs in them for the most part too. If you have to use tabs, guitar magazine tabs are alot better than online tabs. There use to be a ton of guitar mags Guitar World, Guitar For The Practicing Musician, Guitar Player and way too many to list. Over the years some have went under and some new ones have emerged. The best thing to do is get a subscription, a year can cost you as low as $12, and learn all you can from guitar magazines, bass magazines and drum magazines.