Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spotlight Licks: John Berret ....the baby edition

This edition of "Spotlight Licks" is brought to you by me, John Berret, a guy who loves being a guitar teacher here in Augusta Georgia. The lick is a beast. It is based in E minor and moves from one end of the neck to another. I have put numbers beside each section of the tab so that I can break down each part and tell you about it. In the beginning, on part 1 you are doing some country-esqe pull offs. Be sure to have your 1st finger kind of anchored on the 3rd fret of the high E string.This lick ends on a slide up to the 5th fret with your 1st finger. In part 2 you start out the same as one but end pulling off on the E and B strings ala Randy Rhodes. Part 3 is identical to part 1. Part 4 is a flurry of pull offs on the E and B strings. Part 5 keeps with the randy rhodes pulls off but takes it to the G string and ends with a 1/4 step bend on the G note, 3rd fret, of your low E string down to an E power chord. Part 6 takes us up the neck. We are using the D and G strings on this. Watch my fingerings in the video and try and use the same as I do. The most important part of executing this part is the use of "outside picking" throughout all of this part. Part 7 is in the same vein as part 6 with the outside picking and how the lick is constructed except that you will use your pinkie to slide up from the 12th fret to the 14th fret and then pull off back to the 12th fret. Take it real slow to get this part. On part 8 you have some wide stretches that contain hammer ons and pull offs ion the same lick. This part is ripped right out of a page of Dimebag Darrell's playbook. Be sure to do this slow and take your time getting it right and smooth. Part 9 is descending arpeggio that goes back up and slides down. Part 10 is in the same vein as this. The last part, part 11, ends it on a nice little bluesy, pentatonic run that ends with the same 1/4 step bend on fret 3 of the low E string as we did in part 5. Take your time and go slow on this one. Once you got it start milking as many licks out of it as you can. Have fun and enjoy!!!!!

since i cant get the video to load click on this to go to youtube to watch it and play along with

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Check This Out:Gibson Guitar Day w/ Ministry

This Thursday, March 22, at Rock Bottom Music Augusta is Gibson Guitar Day!!!!! We will be having insane sales on all things Gibson and will be doing a Gibson guitar clinic with Mike Scaccia from the band Ministry and Rigor Mortis. I LOVE MINISTRY!!!! The Psalm 69 album was one of the best of the 90's. The guitar sounds on it have inspired me for years. The songs are timeless......come on Just One Fix and Jesus built My Hot Rod are insane!!!!! Along with mike doing a clinic Rock Bottom will be giving away a $1200 Epiphone Les Paul that is killer looking and killer playing and giving away a kick butt acostic guitar too! Look for all kinds of other stuff to be handed out also. The clinic starts at 7:00 on Thursday night. There are no sign up fees and no cost to come. Its free gat nap it!!!!!! All ages are welcome too. There is also no cost to get in the running for one of the guitars either. Rock Bottom is located in downtown Augusta Georgia on the corner of 8th and Broad Streets. Make sure you stop down at 7:00 and catch this. It will be educational, awesome, fun and you can get some very cool free stuff. These clinics have been hits in the past so be there or be square!!!!